1.000 posts – Thank you!

May 31, 2012

Today I can count on my shoe lover blog 1.000 posts. I want to thank for being along with me  on my road to Codruta my best friend,  Radu  a great gentleman and friend who inspired my first posts and feed my shoe hunger, his charming wife Dana, to Bebe  which I hope in the future will be more close to us (and stylish!),  to Dacian a very talented shoe rookie who followed, even busy,  my blog, and to his  wife Ioana. I want to thank my parents who do not know about my passion but support me every day unconditionally. 

I want to thank to all the great gentlemans who agree to talk to my on Claymoor Interviews about their passion and dreams and I assure them that they made a lot of guys happy all over the world.

Last but not least, I want to thank to you, my Reader, who read me every day and forgive my mistakes and errors, and come back to my humble virtually shoe room day after day.

I will keep posting  about shoe with the same passion  and I hope that one day Bucharest, the city that I love, will be a full of elegant gentlemans and their shining shoes…

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