Bucharest Style Icon

October 12, 2012
To be honest I am, in a way, obliged (in the sense of being discontent if  not doing it)  to make another post about Radu Morariu the Maftei Bucharest “shoe guru”. The way he can match colors and dress casual without compromise elegance make him quite unique. He is one of the most elegant Bucharest Gentlemen and definitely one of the most dapper I have ever met. The sense of color and the dare of wearing even the most strong color is astonishing.
I confess that due to his kind friendship I have considerably evolved stylistically and vivid colors have became my friends.
I am thinking of making a future post entitle “Radu Morariu – Bucharest Style Icon“. It could be very inspiring for many Gentlemen from our beloved Bucharest and also worldwide.

The only difficulty would be to overcome his discrete nature. But I am working on that…

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