Ed Hayes – A Dandy Portret

October 18, 2012
If you are thought that there are not modern Dandies think again. Mrs. Rose Callahan blog “The Dandy Portraits” prove that elegant lifestyle and Dandy outlook still exist.
One of her last post is about Mr. Ed Hayes an iconic NY lawyer, displaying an very classy old fashion look. Veteran New York litigator Edward Hayes is a close friend of Tom Wolfe.He is well known for his role in settling the estate of famous Artist Andy Warhol and he had also representing several organized crime figures in 2006 “Mafia Cop” case.

In the same year 2006 Hayes published his memoir Mouthpiece: A Life in—and Sometimes Just Outside—the Law  with an introduction by Tom Wolfe. His sartorial style  and opinions made him unmistakable. One of his memorable quotes display his wit and irony regarding “Corporate fashion”. “There are some terrible dressers at big firms! They must go to a special school to learn how to dress that badly.” 

Pictures courtesy of Mrs. Rose Callahan

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