John Lobb (Hermes) Saint Crepin 2012

December 6, 2012

“Boot up with the 2012 Saint-Crépin
Each year on the eve of St. Crispin, patron saint of shoemakers, a limited-edition design of exceptional refinement is revealed – an expression of creativity and craftsmanship to illustrate why, after 150 years, John Lobb continues to be regarded as England’s finest bootmaker.
It is the first limited-edition to be made in ankle boot form. Around the ankle, the self-lined quarters are cut to reflect the intriguing silhouette of an asymmetrical leaf. These sections are then ‘boarded’, an age-old leatherworking technique specially revived for the Saint-Crépin 2012, which creates a softer feel and imparts a fine natural grain – providing a subtle contrast to the rest of the upper.

Detailing on the Saint-Crépin 2012 is refined and minimal. A precise handembossed line defines the calfskin quarters ; a meticulously stitched seam above the heel echoes the strong central vein of the leaf, and three waxed hand-stitches, perfectly aligned at either side of the boot’s opening, signify balance and completeness.

This ankle boot has two sides to its character. In finely-polished black and dark brown Misty Calf, its elegant lines are complemented by the sleek curves of the Prestige leather sole. In suede, the warm Loden Green and rich Dark Brown reverse-calf is lined with finest shearling wool, and paired with the discreet October rubber sole.”
text and photo source : (Hermes)

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