Betty Albaladejo (Carmina)

February 11, 2013

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Carmina is one of the most dynamic shoemaking brands on the market. How did you begin the journey in shoemaking long years ago?
Our journey began in 1866 with our grandfather. He began making shoes in Inca , a small town in the center of the Island, a place where high quality goodyear shoes has been always been produced , at this time around 100 small factories were running there , nowadays on a few remain.

How do you explain the increasing number of shoemakers coming from Spain ?
Recently more and more shoemakers appears on the market . The people seek for new brands and quality items all over the world.

What leathers do you use for you shoes? I noticed that a lot of customers admire your Cordovan range.
We use the leathers from the most recognizable tanneries in Europe and our Star, the Shell Cordovan from Horween, Chicago. This is a very special leather which manufacturing process last more than six months and have a long durability.

Who is responsible with design at Carmina and how do you come up with various styles all the time?
Jose Albaladejo ( My father and founder of the company ) and Marlene Albaladejo ( my sister) take care of the designs and collection. We are a family shoemakers and our inspiration comes from the ambiance we live everyday.

What would you tell a new customer who has experienced a Carmina shoe?
Your first Carmina shoes could probably needs some days to adapt to your feet , then will be your shoe; however we have customers than buy and run with them.

Do you do MTO?
We do MTO, in fact everyday have more demand however it is complicated for the production.

Is there any connexion between Carmina and Meermin?
There is any connection between Carmina and Meermin, only they are members of the family but business are completely separated.

Shoe lovers were very happy that you have opened an online store, but unfortunately not of your models are present, You will increase the number of models available for online see?
Yes, in fact we have only some selected styles on the online store , probably will increase or change some styles soon.

Buying online the major problem is the last. What are the differences between Inca Simpson, Alcudia and Rain? (What is correspondence with F E etc)
Well, different lasts have different fitting although as we produce our lasts they all have a similarity. Most of our lasts are E or EE .

You have now stores in Spain and France ? What future plans do you have for future?
New thing about Carmina… we will open in a few days a Franchise of Carmina in St. Petersburg, Russia.