Juliano Lopes – Visual Artist

February 11, 2013


The amazing visual artist Juliano Lopes was born in 1977 in Santa Maria – Brasil and got his bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the local Federal University. Now he lives and works in the town of Porto Alegre, Brasil.

Sketches and jottings” impression is that “Juliano Lopes elevates the ordinary into elegance”. Personally Juliano Lopes remind me of the strong personality drawings of the Renaissance Masters but in a Modern approach. For more information visit his site ( where you can find a gallery of very beautiful drawings. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Juliano, the result being the interview below.


What moves you as an Artist and when did you start drawing?
I love drawing mostly, since I can remember… And I like to think what makes people so different… What moves the human life, our behaviors, our wishes, our feelings and what is really sacred to us… I like to think that combine these two things makes me be an artist. I like philosophy too. My father is philosopher and, since I was a kid, we talk about the reason we are here.
In 2000, I took bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Santa Maria, my home town. I live and work in the city of Porto Alegre, where I have an art gallery that represents my work. I received some art awards, and also have many solo and group exhibitions.


What is the engine of your drawings?
My inspiration comes from different places… depends on the moment. Usually from the human condition of been. I try to make the human figure in a way that every one that gets in touch with it can feel that this figure, that body party, could be yours… it could be him, or her. My art seeks some sort capture of a moment of intimacy, it can be meaningful or meaningless, making the viewer of the work becomes the image somehow
I love artists from renascence, especially Da Vinci, the greatest genius of mankind, in my opinion. After that, Michaelangelo, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. From recent times, I am inspired by artists and illustrators like Ernest Pignon, Robert Longo, Ron Mueck, Juan Francisco Casas, Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross, Christopher Shy, Grzegorz Domaradzki, Krzysztof Domaradzki… there are so many more, I’ll stop here…


You have recently done some wonderful works for Maftei Shoemaker. What was the idea of the drawings and how hard is to draw something for shoemaking brand?
This work was a pleasant challenge. The idea was to show, in some images, the stages of making of the bespoke shoes. I had to capture the spirit of shoemaker Alexandru Maftei work and try to put this in details . It is not easy making this for a brand that is so great and wonderful, but was a great honor to me. It’s like drawing a very important portrait… the person has to see itself in all matters, has to feel that it is really him, or her. You have to achieve that level of quality!


Alexandru Maftei

If you would pick just one draw from your works to send in space what would that been?
I never thought about that!(laughs)… But I think it is this one..

What are you working on now?
I’m still working in the entre|momentos series. It is a series of paintings. The concept is to capture the passage between one action and another. It is the brief moment… the interval between one moment and the next move. It is the freezing of a simple everyday action that drives us to be ourselves in day to day. The technique used is charcoal, acrylic and graphite on canvas or linen. But I am also working in other big project that probably will be released in beginning of December.


You are born and raised in Brasil. Please tell my another Brazilian artist that you admire and why.
I admire lots of brazilian artists like Daniel Senise, Carlos Araújo, Sérgio Ferro, Adriana Varejão, Vik Muniz, Cildo Meireles… but, Michel Zózimo, one of my best friends, is a magnificent artist and one of the most creative minds I ever met… We have worked together and also won some awards together.
I think all of them has inspired me in a certain moment of my life as an artist, some way by its peculiarity, geniality, complicity with the work, and sometimes by the affinity with my work, or what I want as a goal for my work.

What shoe style do you prefer and why? Except the Football boots of course…
My favorite style of shoes is casual or sports. That is what I wear more often.. But depends of the occasion. I like shoes with refined details and classical design for a special moments.

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