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"Mociornita" Shoe Factory

February 19, 2013

Dumitru Mociornita

In 1931 Romnian industrialist Dumitru Mociorniţa founded “Mociornita Shoe Factory on a vacant lot on the outskirts of Bucharest – Romania, with a loan of 30 million lei and leased equipment brought from Germany and the UK. The factory would soon become the leading producer of footwear in  Romania, Mociornita being one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Romania between the wars. Along with the opening of the factory he also registred the Omega trademark.

He was a member of the Romanian National Liberal Party, which he represented in Parliament as senator; soon after 1945 he was arrested and sentenced to prison by the Communist Party and later died in prison in 1953.

The  Omega logo was a cow skin painted in national flag colors with an  eagle with claws holding the globe – the symbol of national industry boom.” source

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