Gianni Cerutti (Passaggio Cravatte)

June 7, 2013


Passaggio Cravatte is a promising new label that has all the ingredients to be a classic one. How did you meet your partner and why did you choose to make ties?

Passaggio Cravatte is a new but at the same time an old label. Why old? Because our precious seamstresses have great experience working for the most important tailoring houses in Naples. Passaggio Cravatte was born from my love for ties but also it was caused by my dissatisfaction because when I wanted to buy  custom neckties I saw that all of them were similar therefore I could never find the ties that I imagined and dreamed about. So I started researching and search through silks and vintage fabrics and I have to say that after searching a lot I managed to find what I was looking for – a dandy’s tie made of ancient silk. From then on along with Marta Passaggio was born Passaggio Cravatte. Today we can say that we are the only ones who make their ties only with custom vintage fabrics.

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I was born in Novara, near Milan and I have lived in a small village called Robbio. I was often traveling between Robbio and Naples because Naples is the place where faimous Neapolitan tailors are. They are still sewing by hand like they did 100 years ago. The sew is made using only with hands, they do not have machines for that. Every tie we make is only hand sew. Prior to joining us they worked in the most important fashion houses of ties in Naples.

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What makes Passaggio Cravatte ties different from any other Italian seven-fold ties?

The 7 ancient folds are called like that so they wouldn’t to be confused with the 7 folds that are made today. Those often have 4 folds. Our ties have the 7 old folds like the ones made 100 years ago. This is because we use the original model of the 7 folds, which began in the early 1900s. We make them now how it was then, not using the modern facilities hemming them by hand. The texture of the tie is only given by the folds of the fabric and we are the only ones in Italy to do the old 7 folds in a single piece of silk while the average ties are made from the union of 3 pieces of silk. Obviosly the single piece silk tie is the Ferrari of ties!

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Why do you use vintage fabric?

We use the vintage fabric so we will keep alive the handcraft from 100 years ago when the press was still done by hand. Today the quality and the feeling of fabrics has dropped significantly and also all our vintage silks are endangered.  In fact we are doing a getting everyday so the quantities we buy are really small because we never make four equal ties with the same silk. The silk really ends before finishing them. We also use the vintage fabric due to the fantasy models and the vivid colors that reflect our thinking. For us  the tie should have character and color, it must be a joy to the eye.

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Where can we see your ties and how a Gentlemen who lives far away from your distribution points can order a Passaggio Cravatte tie?

Having clients all over the world is demanding but we receive a great help from technology. In fact our customers can order tailored ties directly from their homes or their offices. How? By sending an email to where they can explain what they want and how do they want it. We spoil our customers like they were children.

Now I only have a very specific thought in mind. My small but big dream is to work hard to make Passaggio Cravatte a point of reference for the most demanding and elegant Gentelmen in the world. How to achieve this? Only through hard work and by continuously improving our products. Satisfying more and more customers and they will become our friends.

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How many ties do you have?

I do not have many ties because I leave for my clients the most beautiful ones the ones that I would love the most. For example I have a client who has more than 6500!

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What is your favorite tie and why?

I do not have a favorite tie. Let’s say that my favorite changes every day. In fact, when I choose to wear a tie I choose it according to my mood and of course to my appointment.

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I know that you are a friend of Mr. Bestetti so the answer to the question “who is favorite shoemaker” is easy to guess. Regarding shoes what is your favorite model?

I only wear shoes from my friend Riccardo Bestetti. And I do it for the comfort, cleanliness of processing, shapes and lines. From the models that I have my favorite is called Gladiator.

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How do you spend your after-work time?

My after work time is actually spent at work! Since we are not a company but a family the work never ends. Sometimes I am in charge of the ironing and belive me   ironing is very important to a tie.

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Best Italian Shirtmaker?

For me the best shirtmaker is named D’Avino and is in Naples. He does only tailored ones and all done by hand. He is a true craftsman. It is unknown why he does not have website or something. It’s a shirt like it was done 100 years ago. It takes more than 26 hours of work for a single shirt and he uses the best fabrics in the world.

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Best Italian ice-cream?

The best ice cream is hard to detect. I think every city of Italy has a place with good ice cream. We really know how to make good food here!

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