Pierre-Paul Hofflin (Talon Rouge)

June 12, 2013


Your family was involved in the shoe business so we can say that you have been born with shoes on your feet. Your brothers are involved in businesses related to shoes?

My father was Director at Weston and my mother had several shoe-stores but from their 3 children I am the only one who kept the flame alive if I may say so…


 Why the name:Talon Rouge ?

My mother always liked dapper Men so my business name was inspired by her, Talon Rouge meaning classy well-educated Gentlemen and of course an elegant way of living your life.


Where did you start your career?

I have started by working  for  Heyraud on Champs Elysees, Bally on Champs Elysees and then as JM Weston visual merchandiser.


What is the shoe’s worst enemy?



First memory that comes in your head regarding your clients would be…

I’m happy to have all kind of clients starting with normal people and ending with billionaires. I remember once two ladies entered  in the same time in my shop. One asked me to polish a regular pair of shoes and the other one wanted a special treatment of her exclusivist 12.000 Euro Hermes bag. After meeting each other in my shop the two ladies are now good friends.


Shoeshine best kept secret?

The best kept secret? Definitely passion!


Do you have any apprentices?

At this moment I do not have any apprentice  but to be honest I give a serious thought in sharing my knowledge with someone, especially because retirement will be around the corner soon…


What are your favorite shoemakers?

JM Weston, Pierre Corthay, Berluti, Marc Guiyot and some of the Parisian independent shoemakers…


What is the main reason for wearing shoes? These days trainers shoes are very popular…

From my experience wearing shoes is the best way in keeping your foot healthy. Trainers are just for practicing sport.  For everyday life the support of the feet provided by classic shoe is far better…


How do you spend your free time?

I confess that I love Paris. It is a fabulous place to live in! I like its restaurants, gardens, old streets… I like to walk a lot and Paris is the perfect place for long pleasant walks…