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July 11, 2013


I have been challanged by Ville Raivio to tell him more about Claymoor’s story on the latest Keikari interview. has an interesting list of interviews.  Ray Frensham,  Paul Winston and Nick Hilton are present on Mr. Raivio’s list so you can have a great time reading their mini-bios essays.

The seeds of this passion [for footwear] were planted by my uncle Ioan (John) Cocea, an old-style gentleman. He worked in the Ministry of Chemistry, this is how it was called during the Ceausescu Era, and was a very dapper man. When he arrived in Bucharest after the end of WW2, the city was still a cosmopolitan place and the fashion did not have time to change into a dull communist uniform. His style was influenced by old-regime gentlemen and I guess he passed this classic style influence to me. He was a colourful spot in an otherwise grey environment characterized by the everyday pressure of the Communist Party. He had a very varied wardrobe and even now I remember his grey double-breasted suit and his polished oxford boots. His influence was very powerful and even now when I buy a pair of shoes or a jacket I think of what he might say about it.

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