Reto Zimmermann (Zimmermann&Kim)

August 17, 2013
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Why did you choose  Saint Crispin’s and when did this partnership started? 
We started with Saint Crispin’s in the fall of 2011 because we saw them as a company and their shoes as a good match for what we are doing. Like the other shoemakers we work with, they are a small setup, independently owned, who value quality and good customer service. We currently have exclusivity on offering MTO for Saint Crispin’s in Korea. There is one other shop who has a few RTW models.
Mr.Zimmermann wearing his Saint Crispin’s shoes in the shop.
Their styles are different from what we already had at the time and the quality of the shoes is without question excellent. Also the strong focus on MTO and the flexibility in their Offering is very nice and highly appreciated by our customers. I don’t think there is any other company where you can get as close to bespoke for significantly less than the traditional full bespoke shoe.
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What is your favorite  Saint Crispin’s model and what is next on your shoping list?
 I don’t have a favourite model as such but I find Saint Crispin’s interesting for the special models that they have. One model which I think is absolutely great and not commonly available elsewhere, is their saddle derby. A version of that is also very likely what I’m going to get next for myself. I have a distinct derby shortage.
Why do Asian Gentlemen love  Saint Crispin’s?  Their shoes are  very much appreciated in Asia…
I don’t know whether  Saint Crispin’s is particularly popular in Asia. From my perspective, they are just in general (as far as we can talk about “general” in this small world of shoe-aficionados) popular because of the quality, the flexibility and huge number of options to create one’s own dream shoe, and the comparatively quick making time for MTO. Probably the most customised shoe we’ve done so far is the one pictured below.
Here, a customer came because he had seen the 401 boot from other customers and he was interested to get one for himself. But he said whether he couldn’t have a version where there would be a captoe combined with the wings that the 401 usually has. So we sat with him for hours and hours over a number of visits and eventually created the boot you can see in the right of the picture. Leading up to that, we had even created a mock-up Photoshop version so he could see how it would like. In addition to the wing/captoe combo, he wanted three different leathers, brogueing in the heelstrap. Very creative process. With other companies this wouldn’t have been possible to realise outside of full bespoke.
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Could you please describe the end of August  trunk show? 
At the trunk show, Phillip Car from Saint Crispin’s will come and bring about 25 models to display. We’ll have our own shoes in addition to that. So there is going to be quite a lineup of shoes to see and try and use for inspiration for our visitor’s personal creations. All lasts will be represented at the trunkshow and I’m still waiting to get the exact list of models on display.
Two days ww’ll be at our shop during the day but one night will be held at a high-end single malt and cigar bar. We already have a relationship with that place because we supply Burgol shoe care products to them. All their customers can get a top-notch shoe-shine while there. So it seemed fitting that we’d hold part of the trunk show there. I confess I’m very excited about this.