Shopping in Bucharest (I)

December 6, 2013

Over a month ago, a Gentleman traveling to Eastern Europe requested an advice regarding the Bucharest accommodation offer. I suggested Carol Parc Hotel, a five star boutique hotel which has the advantage of quietness when compared with Radisson Blu, JW Marriott or Athenee Palace Hilton and the comfort of 17 rooms that remind me of the elegance of the once called The Little Paris. Starting from this point on, the conversation slipped easily to the best shopping areas in the city, as my reader is a keen admirer of Saint Crispin’s based in Brasov.

So what are the shopping places worth visiting in Bucharest? What has this city to offer to a dapper Gentleman? Where can one buy a suit or a good pair of shoes?


Let’s start by saying that in his glory days, between the Wars, Bucharest was one of the most stylish cities of Eastern Europe. That being said, I am now intrigued by the fact that 20 years after the Communist Regime, Romanian tailoring still looks very pale. Unfortunately, although Bucharest Gentlemen were once famous for the cut of their suits, nowadays, a place in the city where one could order a bespoke suit at a quality resembling that of London or Paris, is almost impossible to find.

IMG_1590 IMG_1593

Most of Bucharest’s tailors seem to have forgotten their skills and they are presently satisfied with shapeless jackets. And it is a pity as Romanians have a great tradition in manufacturing. Before 1945 Nelu Mihaileanu was  Romanian Royal Family Warrant Holder, Djabulov successfully competed with Louis Vuitton and Schul and Filip made wonderful bespoke shoes – the latter having a shop opened at Athenee Palace Hilton, in the place of the current Brasserie.


But that is no reason to be depressed. Good news come from a few enthusiastic Gentlemen such Cristian Vlad (Zenonni),  Marius Dan owner of  Tudor Tailor or Alex Moise&Alex Dragan (Sarto) . They all bet on the revival of the Bucharest style. And if you are still unsatisfied and you are looking for the next level the places to be are Casa Frumoasa (The Beautiful House) a true Menswear palace,  Royal Men – a multi-brand luxury concept store and Ermenegildo Zegna store.


And as all good things come to those who wait, we will further on visit two great leather craftsmen: Maftei and Dan Coma founder of Dacoma