Shoepassion Oxfords in review – German knight in Spanish armour…

December 17, 2013


I have to admit that the Shoepassion shoes had not caught my eye before Mrs Oliwia Erdmanczyk contacted me. I had seen the site, but I was not too convinced about the quality, and my focus at that time was MTO. So when Oliwia Erdmanczyk offered a pair for review, I was in front of a rather unknown piece of territory. I chose 555 model a classic Cap-toe Oxford because  I wanted to see the quality of grain leather. Then I waited and, to be honest – as you can see from the photos – my waiting was abundantly rewarded.


As Oliwia Erdmanczyk told me, the design is German, and the manufacturing is done in Spain – a country that needs no presentation when it comes to RTW. The quality is clearly higher compared to other pairs of RTW made in Spain. The work is extremely carefully done – and it is very clear that the quality inspection is done in Germany. The moment you open the box, you can feel you have purchased a high quality product. The classic last makes your toes feel extremely comfortable, with no danger of walking with a limp. I really appreciate this – especially because an narrow shape would not have worked that well on grain leather. The leather is good quality and it bends very nicely, with very well done grains . Time will have the final say when it comes to durability. I will come back in a few months with new photos and info, so that you can see how they do in time. The stitching everywhere, from the welt/sole to the upper was good and free from  errors and the sole is perfectly finished. With your pair of shoes come shoe bags, maintenance instructions and an extra pair of laces.


To be honest, I don’t know what more one could ask for, in this price range. The construction of the shoe is Spanish (so we are talking some tradition here) with German finishing, so – would I order another pair? The answer is definitely yes. HoweverI would stick to the traditional models, where I would receive good quality for the money out of the pocket.  (555 model price is 219 Euro).



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    September 27, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Their prices have changed a lot since then…

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