Alexander Nurulaeff & J.FitzPatrick

May 14, 2014

The Great Wizard of Shoes

You have started a very interesting collaboration with J.Fitzpatrick Footwear. Can you tell me more about this?

I’ve known Justin time ago, and since then we have been planning to start a collaboration, in order to offer shoes that put together both the excellence in shoemaking and the excellence in customization. Now our plan has come true, and thanks to the web it’s having a worldwide diffusion.

A.Nurulaeff x FitzPatrick -B & W 1

How does it work? How many JF models can get a customized patina?

It’s very easy: on Fitzpatrick’s website you can find this link so,  please follow the directions. As for the models, so far we offer just one, because our idea is not to make a massive production, like others do, but to create single artworks. In the future, Mr Fitzpatrick will decide which other models to offer.


Does JF have exclusivity for this kind of service or do you plan to start collaboration with other shoemakers?

I have had actually many collaborations with important shoemakers, but Mr Fitzpatrick is the first one who wants his clients to know that the Patina is made by Dandy Shoe Care. It’s a positive thing, because to be honest with clients is a great value for a real gentleman. You know, it’s not a secret that many of the Patinas you see around in Fairs, Showrooms and Limited Editions have been created by Dandy Shoe Care, even if my name never appears. For me, it’s not a problem to remain in incognito when a client asks me to; what makes me sick is when I realize that a pair of shoes colored by Dandy Shoe Care is falsely presented as pair of shoes ‘dipped in wine, polished with champagne’.


And now let’s hear what Justin have to say about this new exclusive service:

” The shoes cost £430 (ex VAT £358.33) and this includes the cost of the patina and the red travel shoe trees. Shipping will be on top depending on where you live. UK = Free Shipping, The EU = £5 & Rest of World = £20 (these are clearly discounted prices to what I regularly charge on the actual e-commerce site and is done so strictly as an exclusive to this collaboration and to thank all of you for your loyalty)

– Sizing is from UK6-UK12 with half sizes (exception is UK11.5)

– Turnaround time is 2-3 months. We will aim at being quicker (in which most cases we will) but being that Alexander is a one man band who takes a 1 month holiday for the month of July (not to mention his regular clients and other collaborations) things can thus be a bit slow sometimes. But it is never good to rush artistic quality anyway, so bear this in mind. Chances are they will be done sooner, particularly for those that order straight away.


– As soon as the shoe is purchased, I will put you in touch with Alexander in order to directly communicate with him on what it is that you would like to have. (Certain things may have an up charge that you would pay Alexander directly – depending on their difficulty. One example is camouflage. But I have tried to make it so that most things are inclusive in that price. However certain things are very difficult for him and inevitably take more time and thus cost more)

– The shoe is non-refundable for anything other than defectiveness.

– To save on time and money for all, the shoes will be sent directly to Alexander after purchasing. This ensures that your pair gets started on as quickly as possible and saves you unnecessary shipping expenditures.