Rita MacDonald-Korth (SourceCulture) I

September 22, 2014


How did the Source Culture story begin?

Before SourceCulture, I worked as an Accountant and my husband Duncan worked in Finance, we did not like our work for many reasons and wanted to start our own business that we would be passionate about, meaningful and where we can work together. Both of us are from families with artists and craftsman and so we grew up emerged in a creative environment and we were introduced at an early age to high quality art, excellent materials and beautiful aesthetics.


Who was the first person that influenced you most?

We influenced each other the most in believing in our passion for high quality art/craftmanship and bringing our vision, SourceCulture, to reality. In terms of creative influence, as I mentioned above, the craftsmen and artists in our family had a strong influence on us. My grandfather was a carpenter and handmade practically anything we needed. My favourite thing he made were these grand sleighs for horse riding on snowy winter days and sleds for true winter fun. Both the United States and Hungary were a very stimulating environment and atmosphere to grow up in and learn to appreciate the best available materials and high quality craftsmanship.


What does ‘quality’ mean to you?

First of all quality starts out with the craftsman. It is an intertwined system of intangible aspects such as passion, talent, creativity, drive to perfection, in-depth knowledge, and sustainability that is applied to quantifiably the best natural materials available. Then quality transfers through an exchange from the craftsman to customer.  This quality will be received by the owners and manifest itself through the look, feel and emotional connection of the end product.


Please tell us more the Craftsmen that you represent. What were the reasons for choosing each one?

Our craftsman are masters in their trade and are highly talented, both as craftsmen/artisans and designers locally and internationally. We are very proud and honoured that we have the chance to work with them and showcase all their fabulous high quality handmade and handcrafted items. It is extremely important to us to nurture a very good, open and strong relationship with every one of the craftsmen.


We are also very proud to have a range of craftsmen/artisans from England, Scotland, Hungary, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and soon we are fortunate to partner with more from Spain, Italy and Finland. When we are doing our research, in terms of craftsmanship, we focus on high quality, unmatched design, authenticity, heritage, and sustainability. SourceCulture is very important to us and we maintain high quality by keeping very high standards whenever adding brands to our website. We believe that everybody should always treat themselves with the most outstanding quality craftsmanship and nothing less.

GT_C_01_B-gothic  (6)

What about Rozsnyai shoes? I know that you have exclusivity on those shoes.

Yes, and we are very thankful that Sandor Rozsnyai trusted us with this role. We went to see them in Budapest, then set up a meeting and one thing led to another. We went back to Budapest for for the first photo shoot of Rozsnyai’s Shoes. Everybody in Mr Rozsnyai’s family is very kind and hardworking. Being from Hungary it makes me very happy to be able to work with such talented craftsman who successfully carried on the Hungarian traditions even through socialism—which was very hard on business and heritage techniques.


To be continued …