Maftei Stockholm Trunk Show

October 6, 2014


Since our last conversation many things happened. Please tell me more about the last trunk show hosted by Shoegazing at Stockholm.

The Shoegazing Trunk Show in Sweden was initiated by Jesper Ingevaldsson, founder of Swedens largest blog on quality shoes, It was hosted in a beautiful venue in the heart of Stockholm, at Hotel Kung Carl.


We got an invitation to exhibit at the event about six months ago prior to the date. It was an idea I immediately embraced with enthusiasm.

The event was sponsored by the Swedish company Brunngård and co-organized by the Shoegazing forum moderators Adrien Combier Hogg, Joakim Berggren and Roland Olsson.


The concept of the trunk show was to cover a wide range of shoes with different makers. Thus, we exhibited together with Meermin of Mallorca,  Laszlo Vass of Hungary and the Swedish bespoke shoemakers  Janne Melkersson and Carina Eneroth.

_MG_9875 _MG_9920 _MG_0005



How many pairs were on display?

Our main emphasize was on patina made shoes of the French Crust leather which is a big favorite at the moment. We displayed samples of seamless wholecuts, Balmoral boots and shoes in exotic skins, in total around 40 -50 different shoes.


_MG_9857 _MG_9859 _MG_9860 _MG_9861 _MG_9900

What was the most popular model?

Judging by the diversity of orders we have received I couldn’t tell which particular style had drawn the most attention. Often customers just pick and choose what they like, the last from one shoe, the leather from another and the sole construction from a third. It is not uncommon that a new pair to be made for a customers contains elements from lots of different shoes. But in general I observed the shoes are judged but the last in the first place and I think the biggest success was my father’s new last, the “Alexander last”. This is a last with a beautiful toe shape that he has been working on a lot lately. It seemed to be in alignment with the expectations of the customers looking for an elegant & classic last.

_MG_9898 _MG_9899 _MG_9903

The Shoegazing Trunk Show was a very impressive event with around 700 guests and I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations.

When it comes to improving things, there is always room for the better. We didn’t have our Nordic Collection ready as initially planned and my father’s flight was in such delay that there was not any time life for big arrangements of the shoes.


The initial plan was that I would handle the measuring by myself but few weeks before the event I realized that I couldn’t handle the amount of bookings we had received, alone. My father – Alexandru Maftei –  joined and that was great.


Travelling with suitcases full of shoes is how I actually travel most of the times and I can’t even remember when I started doing that. I have been a bit on and off in the last years when it comes to the travelling but I think my brother Lucian and my father have broken all possible records.


Although the preparations for every trunk show are quite substantial, meeting so many interesting people is absolutely worth it.  We are blessed with the most amazing customers ever and I cannot mention this often enough.


What plans do you have for the end of the 2014?

An intense calendar lies ahead us and we are quite booked for the rest of the year. Lucian Maftei is traveling to Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Duesseldorf in Germany. Alexandru Maftei will be visiting existing and new customers in Munich and Russia. As for me, I will return to Sweden in October followed by London in November. Last but not least we will close this year with our trunk show in Oslo on December 9th, our first event here ever and one that I look forward to.


Please tell me more about the  Maftei Nordic Collection designed  for Scandinavia.

Winter in Austria or any other European country is not the same as winter in Scandinavia. Along other quality items a pair of excellent shoes or boots that will keep all the cold and snow outside, are a must!

The plan was to launch the Nordic Collection at the trunk show in Sweden but I for various reason we only had the prototype ready and not the whole collection.


The components of the shoes are waterproof leather made by Chicago Horween and the Veldtschoen sole construction which ensures that water and snow will be kept outside of the shoes. The fur inside will not only keep your feet dry but also warm and cozy.


I really look forward to seeing all the beautiful shoes and boots ready soon! Since I live in Norway I appreciate all those elements and I hope that many customers will benefit from wearing such shoes & boots.

Photo courtesy of Adrien Combier Hogg

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