Antonio Torres (Massimo Ferrari) I

October 29, 2014

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Who are you Mr.Torres?

I was originally born in Newport Beach California USA, born and raised.  My background is Spanish.  I have a degree in international business and I have lived in Japan for 3 1/2 years.  I speak Japanese fluently and a bit of Spanish as well.  I started in the apparel business working with Christian Dior in the later 90’s.   After my brief stint at Dior I was recruited to work with Gucci Group USA, and there my passion for fashion, design and sales found its starting point.
Patina ArtWorking at Gucci during the Tom Ford era really inspired me greatly, and until this day I always look at Tom and his brand as someone and something that I want to become and am on the road to becoming. After my career at Gucci, I started to work for Giorgio Armani SPA, and there I learned most of what I know about MTM business on large luxury brand industry scale. Until this day I’m still thankful for all that I learned at all these houses, because this is really what I have brought with me into my brand and what it will become in the future.


… and who is Massimo Ferrari?

Massimo Ferrari is a character in my play.  He is a fictitious person whom I created at the beach sipping on cocktails and sketching our ideas on the back of my cocktail napkin. The brand is focused on Italian lifestyle concepts, tastes mixed with Japanese symmetry, merchandising and quality with American logic and practicality. The brand was established in 2009 by me and my partner, and we are building and getting stronger year by year. The Massimo Ferrari brand is comprised of our emblematic Goodyear welted shoes which I design and create and also produce the patinas for Blake welted shoes. We started the brand with doing only shoes and then, 2 years later, graduating into bespoke suits, shirts, pants, and then our full range of ready to wear.  All of the ready to wear and bespoke products are hand made in Vietnam in my own factory.

Outsole Patina

I have engineered the suits, trousers, and shirts exactly in the Neapolitan stitch method and we are proud to say that we are probably one of the only factories and brands in SE Asia that is doing fully hand made production to scale. By having the factory fully integrated into our brand model, it has gained us a lot of recognition locally, and now word of our success is starting to travel over seas into the west. Currently our brand has its own flagship store in Saigon Vietnam and we are planning to open another venue in Hanoi this fall or early next year. We are also currently wholesaling in ISETAN men’s in Tokyo Japan and we have now working on new accounts in Singapore which we will announce when the products hit the doors there for footwear and shoes.

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I heard that important changes will be made begining 2015. Can you give us more information about this?

New movements for Spring and Late Fall this year. As every brand grows, there are certain things which the brand and the direction need to focus on. In the last 5 years we have really been focused on the south-east Asian markets and now the interest from buyers and shops and direct clients from overseas is growing. On that note, our group has decided to rebrand the name Massimo Ferrari to ANTONIO DE TORRES in this coming 2015.


There will be a PR campaign announcing this, much like when Tom Ford left Gucci and then years later started TOM FORD the brand. In this similar way, we are going to be presenting our name as such. One of the pinnacle reasons for which we all decided to do this is that most all our clients and buyers have voiced interest in having the brand name with my name on it. And buyers were and are very keen to see my name on all the products. So this is what led to our decision. Now, the Massimo Ferrari name will be used locally as our diffusion line.


Who was the first person that influenced you most?

I would have to say the person who has influenced me the most, unconsciously, would have to be my father.  My father was always dressed to the 9’s as he always wore custom suits, shirts and bought amazing Italian shoes.  Having my friends, family friends and my family over the years always compliment my dad on the way he looked, I definitely know where I got my tastes from.  Despite our personal tastes being miles apart, the esthetics of ordering a custom shirt, or buying a lovely pair of Italian shoes, or picking the right collar for a custom shirt, was always of huge interest to me.  As I grew older, I realized that my conscious mentor in the fashion business became TOM FORD after I began working with Gucci.  What a brilliant designer and profound man!

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What memories do you have of your first order?

I remember the day that we opened the retail store in Saigon. At that time all we had were shoes and hand bags. Our first customer came into the shop, Vietnamese, and he said „OMG, where have you been?” What he meant was that, at the time we decided to open our store, there were very few men’s retailers in the city.  We offered very eclectic shoes in many colors and designs.  We did not offer MTO at the time, but that first sales pretty much gave us hope on what was to come.

Last Concept

How does the MTO service work? 

Our MTO service is available in most all of our shoe models. We are using our classic slightly rounded model „695” which is available in E, EE, and EEE widths.

For more straight forward bespoke looking lasts, our 101 is our newest edition and has been getting rave feedbacks from our customers.  Made with a lovely chisel toe front, our 101 is sleek, clean and simplified.  The lasts are available in E and EEE.  The shoes fit pretty true to size. So far all our clients have reported that they fit great.  The 101 features a larger welt edge – 8mm – for a broader look of the outsole edge.


Our 695 has approx a 5mm welt edge which is less pronounced and looks more classic.  We can do either or welt edge on either last.  The heels are stacked higher on the 101 last.  The 695 is our classic pitched heel that is lower than the 101. All of our shoes are made with pitched heels, hand nailed toe tips and heels, chaffered heel corners, beveled waist with open channel welting, patina finished outsoles on all models, and half lined socks. You can order our existing models in leathers of your choice, or you can send us your designs and we can make a pattern order for you.

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Average cost of MTO is as follows:

Brogue / Cap Toe / Oxford / Derby Finishing Leathers Estimated $525.00 USD including shoe trees.

Brogue / Cap Toe / Oxford / Derby Patina Finishing Estimated $595.00 USD including shoe trees.

Loafers / Monk Straps in Finished leathers Estimated $525.00 USD including shoe trees

Loafers / Monk Straps in Patina Leahters Estimated $575.00 USD including shoe trees.

Chukka Boots Finished Leathers Est. Estimated $545.00 USD includign shoe trees.

Chukka boots in Patina Leathers Estimated $600.00 USD including Shoe trees.

Fiddle Back starting at $850.00 USD MTO and or Pattern Order hoe trees.

Fiddle Back starting at $850.00 USD MTO and or Pattern Order.

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To be continued …