Zonkey Boot – Back to basics

March 3, 2015

zonkey_boot_hand_welted_derby_boots_from_russian_calf_and_hunting_suede_3“The COLE is a wall sided derby boot on the High Street last that gives it an urban appeal. The side wall lines are slightly curved to underline the pronounced shape of of the waist.


The WOLF as a chukka boot comes in English hunting suede and is the all-weather member of the basic capsule. The rounded edges at the waist and the plain side view of the Vibram rubber soles keep the shoe’s appearance on the light side.zonkey_boot_hand_welted_classic_toe_cap_oxfords_0

ABBAS is a quarter brogue and as such – the ideal every day dress shoe. The color of the hand-dyed Bavarian calf is is a brownish grey or grayish brown. However, it goes with cobblestone pavement, overcast sky and a sundowner.zonkey_boot_hand_welted_two_eyelet_french_norwegian_1

The AILLARD French Norwegian is mostly executed with a centre seam reaching from the tip to the apron which tends to distract from the more significant detail of this style: the round edged rectangle formed by the facing and the apron’s hand-seam. Though nowadays it is considered a classic style, our regularly consulted source on historic topics – ‘The Modern Boot And Shoe Maker’ Vol. I – IV (published in London in 1919), does not mention a Norwegian model at all.


Last but not least, we have the EVENING. The name might be misleading; with a little retouch on the toe box, this shoe chases off drowsiness and walks you right to the next cappuccino bar in the morning.” (For more details and images, visit

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