Rebecca Shawcross interview for Keikary

March 30, 2015


“It is very hard to pick out favorites from the men’s shoe collection, I’m usually torn between those unassuming men’s shoes that have a great story attached to them or the really amazing one off pairs like the pair made by George Webb for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. We accepted as a donation a few years ago a pair of black leather Oxfords that under usual circumstances we would have probably said no to but they come with an amazing history attached to them. In brief they were bought by the donors father in the 1920s and then worn at his wedding in 1923. They were worn at many functions and loaned to the donor when he attended school dances in the 1950s. On the death of his father the donor inherited them and wore them at his own wedding in the early 1920s. He too wore them at many functions including those held at Buckingham Palace and Westminster. He finally donated them to the Shoe Collection because they had become uncomfortable to wear. So they look like a dull pair of shoes, but in fact have a great history to them.” Read full interview here :

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