Claudio Lopez (Amareto) II

April 27, 2015

IMG_0231What’s the most satisfying part of your job?

There too many great parts just to mention a few: when random people tell you how cool your job is,when the customer is happy and order more pairs, the fact you’re contributing to your community and last but not least I love when people stop by the shopping window and look at the shoes on display.IMG_0171

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

You never have enough time to do all you want to do!I spend the day talking to customers,thinking about solutions for them,taking care of the business making shoes for my customers and hardly have time to work on my own shoes, as estrange it sounds sometimes I wish someone would make shoes for me.


Tell me more about the different shoe options that gentleman can choose from and how does the bespoke service work?

We have two options: Personalize option: we already have a last collection in different shapes and sizes in which the customer can pick  he wants, also we have a line of classic models (derby, monk, oxford and more) and also a number of kinds of leathers to choose from the customer pick his options, we have many options but for some customers this is now enough and it’s why we offer bespoke service.tumblr_nk3p2206Aa1sx9ka8o1_500

Bespoke option: this is the most exclusive option for our customers, especially for customers who want a perfect fit or have something very personal in mind, customers understand this option also take a lot more time to finish a pair but the result is way beyond what they could get by going shoe shopping, in this case I offer to travel to the customer city at the customer expense or visit my Atelier, usually customers ask me to recommend something for them especially if the have a big event such weddings in some cases customers want something very classic but high quality.


Where do you source the leather to make shoes?

We have many supplies, I’m very lucky to live and work in a city where leather is abundant, we offer calf, alligator, crocodile, elephant, lizard, deer, fish, python among others, in some cases we import some Italian and French calf. When it comes to soles we work with a local company who provide us with the best pit tanned soles, in some rare occasions customers want rubber sole which is also available.tumblr_na81cz8rV61sx9ka8o1_500

How many people work in your workshop and what are their roles? 

Currently only four people work on my workshop: Don Beto, my master pattern maker he’s very calm and down to earth guy over 40 years of experience back his work Martin: he’s in charge of the sewing machine also things such as : gimping, preparations for assembling the upper, assembling the upper and skiving among other things. Gustavo (my dad) he’s in charge of choosing leather and finding the best materials,clicking,taking care of customers. Myself: Lasting, patina work,finishing and hand sewing besides take care of customers.


What was the most extravagant shoe that a client has ever ordered?

One time I was invited to a client’s home, he is a very wealthy person and a shoe lover, he show me his shoe collection (over 120 pairs) different brands and styles and he told me he wanted something very especial and different but he had no idea of what could be, for several day we were thinking what to offer him and we pitch the idea of a pair completely decorated only with tattoos, I friend of my is a tattoo artist and we work for months on the idea and by the end the pair of shoes was decorated with tattoos that represented different moments and events on my client’s life, he decided he will never wear those shoes and keep them as a collection piece.tumblr_mxaeyjsvwT1sx9ka8o1_500

Please name a few famous clients.

When it comes to famous clients I rather keep it secret, customers trust us with their personal problems or needs all, I can say we have a movie producer, a high profile soccer player, high ranking government officials and some prominent businessmen.tumblr_nezf8iJbnW1sx9ka8o1_500

To be continued…