Claudio Lopez (Amareto) III

April 30, 2015

IMG_0304 copyWhat shoe would like to make in the future that you have not made yet?

The holy grail of shoemaking the mighty whole cut, I have tried in the past but is a very difficult construction.


What is your favorite shoe ever?

I guess the very first one I finish, I still keep it and sometimes I look at it just a reminded of what you can achieve if you have discipline and work hard.


What shoe style do you prefer the most?

As a shoemaker I love the one piece shoe, simple, clean, beautiful and timeless, also enjoy patina work and this is the best shoe for it. As a wearer depends of the occasion, I think overdress is almost as bad as under-dress, but I like for the most part shoes with intense colors such as red and blue.tumblr_mqgzhalyu81sx9ka8o1_500

The key elements of a good shoe would be…

All elements are important. Some people claim the last is the most important element, some the leather and some others the craftsmanship. I strongly believe all elements are important. If you have the best last in world but don’t have good leather a pair of shoes will not be what it could be. Sports cars are a great source of inspiration for me and all elements in sports car are important, let say the car have very powerful engine but the chassis is ugly it will not be enough, what if you have the best interior and paint job but the car is bulky and slow?tumblr_nh3bm5PfjH1sx9ka8o1_500

Sports cars are for the most part timeless. A Lamborghini Miura still look spectacular after more that 40 years of being made and this is because engineers,designers and factory workers pay close attention to all details, shoemakers are no different there’s no detail small enough to be ignored.tumblr_msojsaDAOX1sx9ka8o1_500

What are your favorite places to sped your evenings?

Depends I like to be at my workshop working with no distractions while listening good music, also sometimes being outdoor drinking coffee and reading a book or the newspaper, on the weekends I love spending the evenings wearing shorts and riding my BMX bike.

What is your favorite word?

I could not pick one, it’s quite impossible for me but I find the word “dweeb” amusing

What is your least favorite word?

“Ass” I understand is a proper word but I think is been overuse specially for young people, there is no need to use it as much as some people do.tumblr_mp4bomdKKM1sx9ka8o1_500

What turn you on (creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

If you want to create beauty you need to be surrounded beauty, I believe beauty is universal does not matter your country of origin,culture,religion or race, you don’t have to be catholic to admire the beauty of the sixteen chapel, I always look to be surrounded by different art forms and take ideas from it, I’m avid music collector, also enjoy the works of the old masters in painting,films among other things, if you spend all your time looking what other people does on your own field you’ll end it up doing what everybody else is doing, you need to find inspiration and new ideas from fields different that yours.tumblr_ngg98prqXI1sx9ka8o1_500

What turns you off?

Rude people, bad manners and violence, I understand sometimes people get upset because bad service or other reasons but nothing justify bad manners and violence.tumblr_nh81yv0ovh1sx9ka8o1_500

What is your favorite curse word?

“Fuck” is short, practical and convenience to use (I only used when is necessary and appropriate to the context of what is happening) What sounds or noise love? Great music of course! Sometimes you’re in the mood of something upbeat, sometimes you just need to listen jazz or classical music in the background.tumblr_nk57zttlQ31sx9ka8o1_500

What sounds or noise do you hate?

I don’t think I hate a certain sounds but I dislike dog barks (I actually live with two) but the sound is quite annoying.


What profession would you not like to do?

I could not be a social worker or a doctor working in the ER, I just don’t like to see people or animals suffering or living in pain.tumblr_nhwmtsEl5D1sx9ka8o1_500

If heaven exist, what you like to hear god say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

That’s a easy one: ” Before I show you around, can I get you a drink?”IMG_8201