Enrico Casati (Velasca) I

May 5, 2015

DSC_1939-3Founders of  Velasca brand : Enrico Casati  and Jacopo Sebastio  (right to left)

What is your first memory on shoes?

My first memory on shoes belongs to my 18th birthday party; I’d never really paid attention to fine shoes before since I was a sneakers fan like all teenagers. As the party had a dress code, I had to buy my first pair of fine quality leather shoes and totally fell in love with the style and confidence they gave me. They brought out the man inside the boy.DSC_3699

 How does it all started?

It all started with a trip in Asia when Jacopo and Daniele (my brother) traveled thousands of kilometers with an Made in Italy penny loafer in their luggage to deliver it to me. At that time I lived in Singapore and could not find well made and high quality shoes without spending a fortune in one of those typical aseptic shopping malls. We (me and Jacopo) realized that there was a gap in the market between cheap shoes that were of bad quality and ugly designs, and the expensive and established brands. This kind of affordable luxury concept brought us to found a company, find the most talented artisans in the region of Marche, in Italy, manufacture the first collection and finally launch the brand Velasca.DSC_6653

Who was the first person that influenced you most?

In terms of style, I really appreciate the classic style with a young twist championed by Fabio Attanasio of The Bespoke Dudes.

As far as business is concerned, I am very much influenced by three American brands: Bonobos, Warby Parker and Harry’s. All born online with the idea of delivering high quality products at fair prices thanks to their innovative business model.


What memories do you have of your first order?

Incredible rush of excitement for a project I still didn’t know if it would be working. It was from a client in Turin, Italy. Amazing.


How many people are involved in Velasca business? Being at start I presume you are doing a lot of work by your own. 

Absolutely right. I’m proud to say I have done every job there is to do in Velasca. At the beginning I was dealing with customer requests on my own; thankfully, we now have  Jessica, our Customer Happiness Manager, who is doing a fantastic job at handling every request. In total we are now 7 people working in Velasca.


Our workshops are located in Montegranaro, a small town in the Italian region of Marche. This city has such a rich tradition in fine shoe making, it is an honor working with them.


Our offices and our first boutique is located in Milan: Piazza Sempione 2 in front of Arco della Pace.DSC_1298

Can you gives us an insight in the making of Velasca shoes? Which are your best sellers?

Of course. Making shoes the right way, the real handmade in Italy, is no easy matter. The shoes go through hundreds of different phases before they are shipped to the final customer. That is why it’s crucial to be very focused on details and on the brand perception throughout the entire experience. We fight to only have the best materials and the best quality so as to be sure to impress our customers with above-expectations performance and have them loyal to what our brand stands for.DSC_0250

As I mentioned above, the materials are sourced from local businesses that only select the best hives for shoe making. The sole and lining are also in genuine leather so as to have comfortable shoes that last for decades. Everything happens in Montegranaro, with no exception or no tricks like other brands do of sourcing some parts of the shoes from Asia or other parts of Europe. We are very focused on delivering only the best.

Enrico - Jacopo

To be continued