These shoes are (not) made for walking. Dandyshoecare.

June 8, 2015
It’s hard to review Dandyshoecare service. I have no complains thus my review is more of a thank you post. I had a pair of brown Maftei oxfords with a dark patina, a model inspired by Aubercy-Swann-Reverso.


Although the stitches were beautifully made as you can see from the photos, the patina was not what I expected. Roxana Maftei explained to me the whole process and I understood why the patina didn’t come out exactly how I had wanted. But when you order patina, things like this can happen.
Sometimes your imagination cannot be captured into words. So I contacted Alexander Nurulaeff and asked his help hoping that he could brighten up my day. I sent him photos with the crust leather shoes and told him what I had in mind. Because Alexander is an artist who needs space for his imagination I did not impose him anything. A few weeks later, the shoes were in my hands. He was kind enough to name the patina after my blog name – Claymoor.
Was I pleased? Well… There has been a while since I received the shoes and I still did not wear them. Don’t know why their colors reminds my of Jay Gatsby’s dazzling parties. I have put them on my living room floor. I don’t know if I will ever wear them. They are Objects of Art, not shoes. Thank you Mr. Nurulaeff.
DSCF2248 copia DSCF2253 copia DSCF2252 copia Patina _Claymoor_  by Dandy Shoe Care 5 Patina _Claymoor_  by Dandy Shoe Care 3 Patina _Claymoor_  by Dandy Shoe Care 7 Patina _Claymoor_  by Dandy Shoe Care 2 Patina _Claymoor_  by Dandy Shoe Care 8
To contact Mr. Nurulaeff please visit; for more photos of his works  visit
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