July 6, 2015

IMG_6300Buday Shoes, Margit körút 4 is the address that you mustn’t miss if you spend at least one day in Budapest. Along with Vass and Rosznay, Buday carries on the Austro-Hungarian shoemaking tradition. I confess that Buday was a surprise for me. I know Laszlo Vass’ shoes better, the same goes with Rosznay, having a pair bought from a friend, with which I am very content.IMG_6303

I was curious about the level of his craftsmanship because the information on his shoes is not that widely spread over the internet. Having many pairs in my hands I can say that he is nowhere lower than other respectable shoemakers. Plus, the attractive price makes it very competitive. The lack of advertising however has its say, and it is only this thing that makes it not so present in the eyes of those who long for quality shoes.IMG_6304

I appreciate the price of his shoes, the quality of the work and the multitude of lasts. Practically, he has so many available lasts that it is difficult to not find one that you’d like. Communication with him is easy, he understands what you want  and he is very punctual regarding the order. The shoes (classic suede oxford)  have been made on the gorgeous Pilis  last that is by far my favorite Buday last. IMG_6309

To me Pilis last gives the shoe a very bespoke feel to it, and when combined with suede it makes the shoe look really elegant and refined. The sole is impressive. Although you hold in your hand a Hungarian shoe, there is no heaviness of the shoe that you find in other producers, the sole being extremely flexible.


The only regret about Buday shoes is that they are not better known. Many times we prefer to buy RTW/MTO shoes for very high prices. We could get much more for our money if we turned to shoemakers from Hungary, Czech Republic, Moldova or Romania, and on top of all that, together with the cost of the plane and the hotel you pay less than the price of some Western MTO/RTW shoes.IMG_6302 IMG_6301 IMG_6305 IMG_6310 IMG_6313

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