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October 3, 2015

“JODHPUR IV & V. As a true all-purpose model almost any upper leather would be suitable and make a great boot. We decided on classic black French calf for the Jodhpur IV and a combination of Hunting Suede and Russian Calf straps for the Jodhpur V.Zonkey-Boot-derby-boots-from-Bavarian-Wax-Calf-with-Norvegese-leather-soles-1

OSLO. The Oslo is based on our well-established ZeroTwoTwo model. For the sole we have chosen the hand stitched Norwegian construction. But the upper leather is the true innovation. We proudly present our new Wax Calf, which is a slightly buffed version of the Bavarian Calf. Dyeing and dressing the raw leather with bee wax balm, we achieve a deep burnished Cordovan feel-and-touch, only smoother.Zonkey-Boot-hand-welted-wholecut-derby-shoes-from-shrunken-calf-leather-3

SHRUNK. This wholecut oxford might look sturdy and it definitely is persistent, but its upper leather is as soft as usually only suede can be. As its name indicates, the Shrunken Calf is not embossed but receives its unique touch by shrinking during the tanning process.Zonkey-Boot-hand-welted-wholecut-derby-boots-from-bordeaux-Snow-Calf-3

SNOW. The Snow Calf we used on this wholecut derby boot comes from our preferred Bavarian tannery. Most so-called Nappa leathers are softened by extensive milling which break the leather’s fibres. Not so the Snow Calf; its full bodied soft grip is obtained only through a special tanning process.”

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