Jay Butler Coolness

June 14, 2016
IMG_8576Enough with boots (about which I talked in the previous post). Let’s go back to loafers. If you live in a country that loves the sun, loafers should be your best friends. Nevertheless, I do not have many pairs because I had trouble choosing the last. Loafers can be very annoying if they don’t fit your foot. They are shoes that you cannot adjust with laces, and buying them without trying them can be tricky. I have a pair of penny loafers Carmina with which I’m fighting for almost two years now and who do not give up pinching me when I least expect it. Also, being penny loafers, the piece of leather where I should put the coin acts like a supplementary tap, which annoys me the more when my feet are swollen with heat.IMG_8580
At first I was looking for a slightly flexible loafer. Edward Green Portland was one variant, but I didn’t want a tassel, because I was looking for something less pretentious. Another variant would have been Barbanera Rimbaud, but I would have preferred a classic penny loafer.IMG_8574
Accidentally I got to Jay Butler, and honestly I don’t regret it for one moment. Not only that I found what I was looking for, but the loafer was also perforated. Cromwell (I find the name to be uninspired; when I’m thinking about Cromwell I’m thinking about the puritan funerary outfits) is blake-stiched, which makes it very flexible, and the leather is soft like a glove.
IMG_8591It is an  unpretentious loafer that you can wear for 10 hours a day without feeling that you actually have something on your feet (padded insole with arch support is very comfortable). If I were to improve something about the model it is the presentation, the box being of low quality For the rest I have no complaints. Cromwell is an undemanding shoe, highly comfortable, that lets your foot breathe even at 30 Celsius degrees outside. I for one was very satisfied by it.IMG_8569 IMG_8571 IMG_8579 IMG_8588 IMG_8592