Carmina Matias Pujadas tribute

July 14, 2016
What I like most in the shoe industry is the fact that things are always on the move. Although at first sight you wouldn’t believe it, this dynamics supports traditionalists like myself. The reappearance in RTW of models that were seen only in movies until yesterday (like button boots for example) or the revitalization in a modern key of old designs, are sure to make designs to permanently reinvent themselves. Someone once told me that there is nothing new in the shoe design. Maybe he was right, but the use of old models is done with the help of more refined lasts, so the final shoe is not actually a copy of the old model.Shoes_2 (1 of 17)
One such model is Carmina Pujadas. This model has an interesting history for me. But let’s start with the beginning. The shoe that you see is a tribute paid by Carmina to Matias Pujadas, the one who started the story of the Mallorca brand in 1866. At first I saw the model in cream and tanned calf combination sold by Skoaktiebolaget. It was a perfect summer shoe. It seemed that Jay Gatsby himself had descended in his garden full of guests to say Hello. Nevertheless, the cream calf made it look somehow conventional. I felt that the model could be more dashing. I accidentally read a short article about spectators’ shoes, where I saw a C&J canvas gladiator  so I proposed to Jaime Martorell Albaladejo to change the cream calf with canvas for a plus of coolness and style.  I want something similar to Corthay Bucy but not so pretentious.
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Jaime thought the idea was interesting, especially since I had chosen a model that reminded him about their beginnings as shoemakers. The last was a Robert – F width. And so, the Claymoor version of the Carmina Marhias Pujadas tribute shoes was born. Putting into practice was, however, difficult, since canvas is not a material that’s friends with stretching. But Jaime believed in the project, and after several attempts that resulted in the breaking of the material, the shoe in the image came out.Shoes_2 (14 of 17)
I am somehow emotionally connected to it, because it represents the efforts of shoemakers who believed in my idea and who persevered. I cannot say anything about the last, Robert – in my opinion one of the most interesting Carmina lasts – being very friendly with almost any type of foot. Two things impressed me most about this MTO model. The first is related to the well executed details, and the second one is related to the passion and perseverance of the shoemakers from Carmina and of Jaime himself. A mix canvas spectator with a well done calf is not an ordinary thing  but good things have a mysterious talent of coming up even when you almost don’t think them possible anymore.
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