One excellent piece of advice by DieWorkear: Ordering RM Williams Boots

August 3, 2016

tumblr_inline_oamcj966lo1qfex1b_500(… ) If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of RM Williams boots while they’re still available for $300, here are my suggestions:

    • Know Your Size: I measure 9D in US sizing on the Brannock device, but take an 8G in RM Williams’ Craftsman. For more sizing information, browse this StyleForum thread
    • Know Your Construction: Most RM Williams boots are Goodyear welted on a single leather sole, but there are other options. Some have screwed-on leather soles, where the sole is attached with brass screws. These are still resole-able, but the lack of a welt allows them to achieve a thinner, sleeker profile. Additionally, there’s what RM Williams calls their “Comfort sole,” which is made with a composite rubber outsole and Poron-padded insole. The profile is about the same as what you’d get on a single leather sole, but the shoes are more immediately comfortable out-the-box. 
    • Know Your Leathers: Lots of options here, most of which are … Read full article :


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