Sandor Rozsnyai – The Goyser.

August 7, 2016
For me shoes are like skars. They always remind me that the past was alive and, even more, they remind me the feelings I had when I chose a certain pair of shoes. I bought all the shoes that I have because I liked them and because they fit my lifestyle from the moment of buying them. But time flows, and together with that I discovered that I changed. Some weeks ago, while renovating my dressing, I had to pick up by hand all the shoes in order to empty the room. I realized that there were pairs which I hadn’t worn for quite some time. When you approach the age of 40, tastes begin to change. Today I value more the comfort and quality and less the formality.Shoes (35 of 48)
There are few cap-toe shoes that attract me. Even fewer are the black shoes. I don’t like mirror polish anymore. I prefer the leather to be clean and hydrated. Ten years ago  Goyser-sewn shoes seemed heavy and unaesthetic to me. Today I am in love with Goyser welt. Until several years ago I had no bespoke or MTO derby shoes. Oxford was my only love. Currently I’m ordering only derby. I don’t like patinas anymore at least not the usual ones ( however it’s hard not to love for example Alexander Nurulaeff patinas). I like brown more and more. I like  hatch grain. I used to fear suede and all the stories around this sort of leather. Now I don’t fear suede anymore. (you can find an interesting post by Justin FitzPatrick about suede and the myths it breaks down here). I like loafers. I like them because they make me feel comfortable and they are very versatile. I have loafers made of calf, hatch-grain, suede or ostrich. Keep them coming…Shoes (24 of 48)
Tastes change together with ageing. Probably in some years I will return to the cap-toe Oxford. Who knows? Now it seems that I am in a period when, because I don’t have money for a Porsche, I order bespoke loafers…
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And since we talked about derby and Goyser welt, it is time to present to you a shoe with which I fell in love. Sandor Rozsnyai is a Hungarian producer who makes very nice handmade shoes for a very competitive price. Practically, it is difficult to compete with them on the Western market. You can get them online through SourceCoulture as they are exclusive online distributors and  they are doing a very good job. Rita MacDonald-Korth  and her husband are passionate people and communication with them is very easy. (you can read an interview with Rita here and here)Shoes (28 of 48)
I ordered the MTO pair in the photo directly from Sandor Rozsnyai. As you can see from the photos the leather is a very beautiful with a  subtle grain. The last was chosen  but Enikő Rozsnyai  adapted it a little for my foot (the measures were sent via e-mail). I have no complaints on the workmanship. The stitching and the Goyser welt are neatly done. This shoe is all that I could desire from a derby. It has strong central European influences. It is refined in a robust sense. It reminds me of Horace Batten boots, because of their robust elegance, or of sturdy country shoes made for the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.Shoes (26 of 48)
I shall order at least one more pair of derby shoes from Mr. Rosznyai. I don’t know why I believe that shoes are precisely what I need right now. Those shoes are a perfect complement to tweed jackets, flannel, and even denim. And I am in the tweed mood now…
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