Yanko for Skolyx

October 1, 2016
Shoes (9 of 48)If you must have a pair of boots in your wardrobe, then they must be Chelsea. And if you want them to make a difference, suede is the ideal choice. A second option would be, indubitably, black alligator, but the price could be quite prohibitive. Chelsea boots seem to have all the advantages for one who lives in the city. Easy to put on (I believe they could be called lazy-man boots), youthful and especially very versatile, Chelsea Boots fit excellently any outfit.Shoes (5 of 48)
If I were to name three models, my favorites remain RM Williams (an interesting article about what you should take into consideration when you buy a pair of Australian Chelsea is written by, the classical Edward Green Newmarket and last but not least Yanko. Yanko is a brand insufficiently advertised on the market. Although they have many models, and their quality is very good, similar to Carmina. And if we compare the Chelsea model to the one from Meermin, the two cannot be compared, Meermin having, in my opinion, a terrible quality control and a communication with clients that would be more efficient if they used messenger-pigeons rather than emails.Shoes (3 of 48)
Yanko can be bought from, but the models there didn’t inspire me very much. If, however, you’re looking for interesting models, the places are: Skolyx and Both e-shops carries special models, models that you won’t find on shoe-paradise. Skolyx carries a large selection of boots including the very interesting brogue balmoral chelsea.  My boots are from Skolyx, but I will soon present you two special models from (8 of 48)
The featured model can be found here – I could also appreciate the suede leather or the construction, but I don’t want to praise them for what it’s normal to get when you’re looking for a good quality Chelsea boot. Special thanks to  Emil Jansson ( Skolyx) for his great customer support.
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