Jeeves – The place for Laszlo Vass shoes.

January 10, 2017
Shoes-13There are many discussions on forums regarding the quality of Laszlo Vass shoes. There are opinions according to which the quality decreased while the production increased, and so on. Personally, I am satisfied with the quality of their shoes considering the competitive price and especially the fact that they are truly hand made products. Of course, if you want to find any defects you will always find them, but you always have to put in balance both the flaws and the qualities.
The arguments that a shoe from the year 2017 is not similar to one from the year 1980 lack all ground, from my point of view. Things change in time, and producers must move together with the market. If we want to have a multitude of models at RTW prices we must accept that the producer won’t be using the same leather as for the bespoke models. That does not mean that the quality decreased, but only that it has adapted.Shoes-14
Laszlo Vass remains one of the few producers that make hand made shoes at an unrivaled price. If they decreased anymore the price, they would almost reach the RTW segment. So Vass still remains one of my favorite shoemakers.Shoes-9
Getting over the considerations above, I will return to the topic of this article, which is a relatively unknown site named Jeeves from where you can get hand made shoes for prices lower than those of C&J Handgrade models. The models are not very eccentric, but some of them are worth mentioning: Oslo Boot (New Peter), Norweger (Peter last) and an autumn slipper model. It’s true that is a little bit late for winter boots but take a look of Byron boots for Jeeves. If you are lucky and you have the lucky size, in the Old Stock section you may find models even for 450 Euros, a more than decent price, should we compare it to the one of Ascot Shoes. Recently Tom Brone, the owner of Jeeves, expand the offer. Made-To-Order  and  Group order sections are available.
Photo credit:| Madalin  BosinceanuShoes-11