Carmina Isaac for Pediwear

April 3, 2017

As of recent Pediwear started a collaboration with Carmina. The models are adapted to the British market, Pediwear not willing to risk anything with more exotic models, but two exponents deserve all the attention. The first model, a Luis 532, would be a longwing with storm welted rubber studded sole, on the very comfortable last Detroit. Pediwear has it in maroon calf. Detroit is a last that instills doubts regarding comfort. I have the same model made from suede, so I can guarantee that it is a shoe with a strong character. The model is quite rare, and you won’t find it on other sites, so it’s worth buying it, even if for the next autumn.IMG_0844
The second pick is a Chelsea boot, named Isaac, with Dainite sole. The last is  Rain, a last which I haven’t tried until now. Carmina uses it a lot these days. If you go to their site, almost all of  their Oxfords are built on this last. I do not understand the preference for this last, which seems pretentious and lacking personality when used for shoes. If until recently the star was Simpson, another annoying last for someone with no ballerina feet, Rain appears to have succeeded in outperforming it. Even if I find it to be quite a failed shoe last, it appears to fit the Chelsea boots. It brings that element of elegance so needed by a boot otherwise pretty austere. I must admit that the pairing of Chelsea and Rain is an interesting one, the boot thus coming out of the ordinary. Isaac is one of the most beautiful Chelsea models on the market at the present. Put it on your list.IMG_0846 IMG_0852 IMG_0848 IMG_0847 IMG_0851 IMG_0853