Casa Fagliano’s RTW line between two continents

December 29, 2017

Dear German, it’s been a while since our last discussion. Things changed quite a lot for Casa Fagliano, at least from the point of view of the image. There’s a new site and a Ready-to-wear collection available online now, so I would like to understand where did this desire for a new manner of presentation come from. What is the reason of the change?

Yes, it’s been a while! A couple of years ago we started to develop a project to manufacture high quality leather products, with our target focused in Europe. It is a response to a natural desire of making a return to the continent where our ancestors come (from Cuneo, northern Italy). We found business partners with the same goals: to make excellent products on a long-term business project. With a lot of ideas we started to develop the new project and recently updated the website ( which merges our RTW line of shoes & leather accessories and bespoke shoes and boots.FaglianoBrandbook-12sss6

Together with entering the RTW segment and with the increase of the sales volume came the fear that the brand could now lose its soul. If prior to this each client was known, now clients become anonymous. Also, many brands lowered their quality when going from bespoke…

Well, first of all, this new RTW line is focused on leather accesories and shoes, which at the moment are not part of Fagliano’s bespoke line. We mostly make polo boots, walking boots and a few pair of shoes per year.
I understand the concern that may grow in our customers regarding the RTW line. However, the idea is to keep sales volume manageable in order to maintain quality and closeness to the clients. I personally (or a member of the family if I’m not available) reply to almost every message that comes in through the website. Our brand is our most important asset and we will be particularly thoughtful with the manufacturing process and quality of the RTW line.FaglianoBrandbook-163

Tell me a little about choosing the models from the RTW collection. Are RTW shoes made in-house?

The models are an evolution of the models we use to manufacture in the past in Casa Fagliano. The designs are rather traditional and the idea is to keep it simple and focus on quality. This ready to wear line is manufactured in a small artisan workshop located inside the European Union that we have chosen among a few. We travel there regularly.FaglianoChaquetas-17

For the outwear collection are you collaborating with a specific designer or is the entire project your “own production”?

For this outwear we have a collaboration with a workshop in a small village in Italy. It is all made by hand, around 10 women and a designer are involved in the manufacturing process.FaglianoBrandbook-86

How many of your family members are directly involved in the business and what is the role of each of them?

Well, actually, we are 7 family members and 5 employees. Rodolfo is the oldest (my grandfather), he is 88 years old. FaglianoBrandbook-51

What collaborations/partnerships have you had lately that made you proud?

We have been in a collaboration with Jaeger Le-Coultre form 2011 until 2015, we will may start working again with them in 2018. We produced for them bracelets for their Reverso Tribute to 1931 edition, for the US limited edition and for Reverso Ultra Thin Chocolate Dial edition. Around 500 bracelets, all made in Hurlingham by hand. Also we have made a collaboration/advertisement with Stella Artois back in 2013, it was a campaign called “The road to perfection“.FaglianoBrandbook-97LQ

What is your favourite model from the RTW collection?

The full brogue Oxford, because it is a great mix between every-day use and formal look.FaglianoBrandbook-99

Do your plans for the future also include a RTW boots collection?

Yes, in fact we already have a RTW polo boots line. We are thinking in making a RTW boot for everyday use.FaglianoBrandbook-88

Are there any plans also for Made-To-Order?

Not at the moment. But with the online store we will eventually add this feature.FaglianoBrandbook-60 FaglianoBrandbook-64
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FaglianoChaquetas-15 FaglianoChaquetas-9 FaglianoChaquetas-5 FaglianoChaquetas-20FaglianoBrandbook-121Photo credit: German Fagliano