Maftei for ShoesFever

January 10, 2018

Loafer.Burgundy3Shoes made by one of the most respected Viennese bespoke shoemaker – Maftei – are now available through a  Korean web retailer called Shoes Fever. Although Maftei is a bespoke shoemaker the decision to go for MTO it is a good one in my opinion. Currently you can chose from one pair of oxfords, two pairs of split-toe derby and one pair of burgundy loafer. As I  own several bespoke pairs made by Alexandru Maftei (including a similar split toe and a black oxford) I believe the quality of these MTO pairs is similar to bespoke, less fit of course. The shoes looks very nice and the hand-made feeling is definitely there.  The price is 923 US dollars including hand-carved trees.

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