Maftei’s return to Bucharest

February 17, 2018

26231422_1723411304389311_1768593085523318852_nAfter many years of absence from his native country, Alexandru Maftei returns with a new studio downtown Bucharest, on 24 Tudor Stefan street. The first studio was opened in a chic neighborhood of Bucharest, with private houses from mid XXth century and with quiet streets, but, in my opinion, a low traffic area and, therefore, one lacking visibility. Now they reoriented towards one of the glam areas of the city, where they are in a pretty select company, at walking distance from Brunello Cucinelli. I am glad that they returned, because there is a demand for bespoke shoes, Bucharest being a fast growing city. The grand opening will happen on the 1st of March, the event being attended by Alexandru Maftei himself. The meetings with him are highly agreeable, his shoe making experience being  vast. I am very glad about their coming back and I wish them good luck with their new location. For more info please contact them at