Toni Llobera (TLB) I

April 27, 2018

PHDG4095Your new project (TLB)  is finally taking shape. For those who know you connected to Yanko, please tell us how TLB was born.

TLB was born from the dream of creating a quality product from a whole experience related to shoes and leather complements. Through many years, I dedicated my experience and knowledge to work for other brands, but I decided that it was time to make my own brand.

Thus, after a long process of supplier selection, creation of designs, lasts and samples, we understood that we had a perfect product to present to the market.PHDG1040-Editar

And since we’re talking about TLB, a project wearing your initials, tell us how you got into shoes? Pencil us briefly your trajectory up to TLB.

My family has worked in the world of leather crafts since this industry was born in the city of Inca, Mallorca. My grandfather, who was an industrial mechanic, took in the 50s the right decision to design and make a very special machinery to produce braided and other specials pieces for footwear and leather accessories. This allowed him to establish a new company that produced these pieces for almost all footwear factories that were at that time on the island of Mallorca. Even today, nobody who does not belong to the family has been able to see these machines that we keep as a family treasure.PHDG3929

Back in the 70s, when my father was just over 20 years old, he opened his own leather accessories factory and he started to produce belts, bags and leather garments and after few years he already started to work for several brands of international prestige. It was in this factory that I began my activity in the leather industry more than 20 years ago, working and learning together with my father during all the holidays and weekends. From him I learned how to aim for the highest quality of the product and, of course, the intricate task of managing and organizing productions with the purpose of always maintaining quality in each of the processes and getting the product we demand.PHDG3535

How do you think TLB will make a difference on the shoe market? What would be the advantages of the new brand, in your opinion?

TLB aims to offer a high quality product at a reasonable price. Many brands that are currently on the market can not be matched to TLB, neither in the selection of materials nor even in the quality of the workforce, however they sell their products with higher prices. For this reason, we believe that the customer who really looks for the best quality in manufacturing and excellence in materials will not hesitate to bet on our products. The highest quality at a more competitive price.PHDG0990-Editar

Comparing to other brands, TLB can also offer belts made with the same leathers and same finishing to match perfectly with the shoes and, compared to other brands, belts are made in our own factory so we can guarantee that it is all made with the same leather coming from the same suppliers.

All TLB production processes are made in our own factory in Inca. This way, we manage and select all the materials that we use in the production process to guarantee the veracity of the manufacture and the use of the highest quality materials.PHDG3863

Where is located the factory that makes the shoes?

Our factory is located in Inca, a town in the centre of the Mallorca Island with a great and large leather tradition. Despite this fact, the business has changed a lot recently. 30 years ago there were more than 100 factories dedicated to footwear, nowadays there are no more than 5. The fact of being the only ones to open a factory in these last three decades is a sign of the confidence we have in what we do.PHDG3429

What is the origin of the leathers used?

Our skins are selected from the best tanneries we can find in the industry. Our level of demand only allows us to look for the best quality materials to ensure that in the process of manufacturing and finishing these materials have maximum efficiency and maintain their appearance.PHDG3393

We work with several tanneries of recognized prestige and each one of them works with skins from different origins. Skins from France, Slovenia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia. For example, TLB is working with Tannery d’Anonnay, Ilcea, Conceria Victoria and some other well known tanneries. We also have suppliers of recognized prestige for the different materials that make up elements such as soles, insoles, linings for belts etc.

To be continued…