Interview with Marco Facchinetti, CEO Riccardo Bestetti (Shoegazing)

September 6, 2018

DSC06317-1024x683@2x“Marco Facchinetti lives in an apartment in the middle of Milan, when he is not out flying in work or visiting his holiday home in Hawaii. He is an architect and academic, including assistant professor of urban planning at Italy’s largest technical university Politecnico in Milan. He has been running the company The Blossom Avenue for many years, which has operations in several different areas, many linked to urban planning in various forms, and he has also worked and studied a lot about how innovations can change the way people work and create products.
“I have had a big interest in shoes for a long time, and just over 20 years ago I wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Then I came in contact with Riccardo Bestetti, who just returned to Milan after learning to make boots and shoes in the United States. We became close friends, and I’ve been part of his journey ever since, says Marco Facchinetti….”  Read full story here.DSC06320-1024x683@2x DSC06309-1140x700 DSC06304-1024x683@2x DSC06324-1024x683@2x DSC06278-1024x683@2x DSC06322-1024x683@2x DSC06297-1024x683@2x DSC06295-1024x683@2x                                                                                                                                shoegazing