“Swellboy on… an Oxford shoe fit for a prince”

February 16, 2019

“Shortly after the new year I received a call from an agitated Tony Gaziano. Tony is co-eponym of shoemaker Gaziano & Girling, and I have followed his work with interest since I first met him over two decades ago at the Edward Green factory in Northampton, where he worked in the bespokedepartment. In fact, I think he was the bespoke department. I liked his work very much: highly detailed hot-fudge wheeling on the welt that concealed the stitch; delicate gimping created one indent at a time, each broguing hole made individually; and a fiddleback waist of a quality that I had only ever seen on the work of my own shoemaker, the mighty Eric Cook.

I am not the only person to appreciate his work. It appears that word of Gaziano’s gimping has reached Clarence House and…” Read full article here.